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Engineering Course

Science Course

Engineering Course

(Age 7-12 years)

Building a passion for engineering

Why joining Engineering Course?

  • To actively engage students: Through design-based projects while deepening their understanding of fundamental concepts.
  • To raise the level of technological literacy: Through practical skills and a deeper comprehension of our dynamic modern world.
  • To broaden participation in STEM fields: Through emphasizing that diverse teams result in the most innovative designs to improve our world.

Engineering Course Learning objectives

By the end of this course, students will have a deep understanding of the Engineering Design Process. They will be challenged to think critically to solve these problems, communicate and brainstorm with classmates, and understand that failure is an important part of the design process.

About Engineering Course


DIY Invention Challenge: Divide the students into teams and challenge them to come up with their own inventions to solve a specific problem.


Bridge Building Competition: Divide students into groups and challenge them to build bridges using materials like popsicle sticks, paper, or straws. Test the strength of the bridges by adding weight until they collapse, and see which team's bridge holds the most weight.


Hydraulic Claw Challenge: Have students design and build a hydraulic-powered claw or gripper capable of picking up objects. Provide them with basic materials like syringes, cardboard, and tubing to create their devices.


Build a Mini Robot: Provide robotics kits or individual components (e.g., motors, sensors, wheels) and guide students in assembling their mini-robots. They can then program these robots to perform simple tasks or navigate through a maze.

Science Course

(Age 7-12 years)

Unlock the wonders of science

Why joining Science Course?
The Science course will introduce students to the world of science through STEM strategies, which will help them to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills and will provide them with solid and important information about basic concepts in Science. The course will be delivered through a combination of interactive online sessions and hands-on experiments and demos that students can do at home.

Science Course Learning objectives
  • Introduce students to the basics of science, including the scientific method, key scientific concepts, and terminology
  • Promote an interest in science and encourage students to pursue further studies in STEM subjects.
  • Provide a fun and interactive summer learning experience that will keep students engaged and motivated throughout the course.

About Science Course

Chemistry Theme

Chemistry workshops to explore the foundations of chemistry through engaging experiments and hands-on activities. Participants will gain a deep understanding of key concepts such as chemical reactions, and the properties of matter, fostering critical thinking skills and a passion for scientific inquiry.

Physics Theme

Physics workshops provide an immersive experience that unlocks the wonders of the physical world. Through interactive experiments and demonstrations, participants will grasp fundamental concepts such as motion, energy, and forces, cultivating analytical thinking skills and fostering a deeper appreciation for the laws that govern our universe.