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Science Street is a company that offers a wide range of educational services aimed at promoting science literacy and making science accessible to people of all ages. Their services include science shows, hands-on learning experiences in STEM, robotics, and programming through camps and workshops, awareness campaigns, fun lab events, a mobile science laboratory, STEM carnivals, science workshops, exhibitions, competitions, and fairs. By incorporating robotics and coding into their events, Science Street provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a fun and educational environment, and encourages the exploration and development of their scientific abilities. Science Street is dedicated to promoting science education and literacy, and through their comprehensive range of services, they aim to educate and inspire people about the wonders of science and technology.

About Us


Science Street is an Arab educational company that aims to make science learning more engaging and entertaining. The company offers a variety of services including scientific shows, curricula in partnership with the Ministry of Education, school technical support, and participation in science festivals. The company was founded in 2017 and has since become one of the top 10 channels in the Middle East, with over 1 billion views and 11 million followers. The founder, Abdullah Annan, and his team have conducted over 500 scientific experiments and aim to inspire the world by breaking officially registered world records with their large-scale experiments.

Science Street's mission is to utilize social media channels and on-ground events to create the most impactful learning experience for kids. They aim to establish an Arab hub of science communicators who can apply their knowledge and expertise to real-world situations, making science accessible and engaging for the next generation. Also include curricula in partnership with the Ministry of Education, school technical support, and participation in science festivals. They also offer summer camps in STEM ,robotics and programming, providing students with hands-on learning experiences in these exciting fields

Science Street's vision is to create a unique learning experience that fosters a scientific mindset in younger generations.They aim to provide education and engagement that will encourage the development of a scientifically informed and curious community.

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