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Science Street Shows

Science Street offers many scientific shows, where a theatrical and entertaining nature meets many scientific experiments that are presented in different fields to make science more fun for the public and encourage the Arab and global community on the importance of science. Science Street shows are distinguished by being specially tailored and customized based on the needs of our customers in the Arab world. It includes different themes such as: Fire and Ice Shows


Ice Show includes a lot of scientific experiments that contain all the chemicals that are characterized by low temperature such as liquid nitrogen and dry ice, Where scientific shows are presented with storyline of suspense:

A chemist is doing his daily work in the laboratory, and he is surprised by the gradual rise in the temperature due to the news that warned from weather conditions due to the beginning of the global warming in the world. The chemist start to do his best with his knowledge in chemistry to choose the best chemicals and materials to use it in this problem and try to decrease the temperature. That is when his friend wondered about using sort of liquids that have 196 °C below zero and joined with him to do his different experiments with this amazing liquid in different ways.


In this science show we are going to talk about two scientists’ plane got crashed and they will be on abandoned island and try their best to escape and make a huge explosion to attract passing plane on the abandoned island, so they are trying to find all the tools that can help them, They found an abandoned laboratory that contains old equipment that will help them set fires and conduct all major fire experiments on this island to make a huge explosion that can help them. This show is the start of a competition (big bang fire), through which the two scientists perform all the experiments they conducted on the island, but the winner of them is the one who added to his experiment, which makes the explosion scale higher than the other, to reach the higher bar of the explosion.